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She’s back… hitmen beware.

True McLaren is back and so are the hitmen that never seem to stop coming in this second book from the True McLaren Series. The stakes are high, as the item everyone has been searching for remains elusive. While the twins from overseas are proving deadlier than their father by ratcheting up their tactics on both fronts, the Parisi-McLaren clan is pulling out all the stops and calling in every reinforcement at their disposal.

Deciding to bring in the big guns, True calls her ace in the hole to help them out. Meet Serafina Merlo, master of every trick in the trade required for hiding things, courtesy of her father Paolo, the grand-master himself, and former close friend of Maeve McLaren. Serafina is determined to locate all the things hidden in the McLaren household. What they find first is shocking enough, but when more secrets come to light, everything changes and True’s future could head in an entirely new direction.

Hold on for a wild adventure full of maps, mysteries, and more than a few skeletons in the McLaren closet in this second action-packed adventure thriller.

Sizzling- Dante Sandro Parisi.

Meet True McLaren’s other half. Head to Bonus Content for more on this former Marine.

Meet True McLaren, the woman who proved teaspoons are for more than eating gelato.

Head to Bonus Content for more on the feisty redhead who defines badassery.

True McLaren

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True Beginnings

An Action & Adventure Thriller- Book 1

True Enlightenment

An Action & Adventure Thriller- Book 2


The Last Bloom – A Romantic Suspense Novel

A standalone romantic suspense novel.

Not On Your Latte – A HOT Southern Romance

A contemporary, steamy second chance romance.

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